Office Movers Texas

Office movers are qualified to quickly and securely transport business furniture, machinery, and confidential files. Moving exposes valuable equipment to failure and injury, but a professional office movers texas helps you coordinate, schedule, and execute your office transfer while minimizing your risks. GetmoversTX helps you locate office movers texas in your area who specialize in office relocations. If you’re relocating to another floor in the same building or moving your company out of state, these top-tier logistics specialists will make the move as easy as possible.

The Office Relocation Procedure

Companies typically assign a manager to oversee the relocation project. This person is in charge of all issues relating to the office relocation efforts.

A standard office moving protocol works well in most cases:

  • Quote: Once you contact GetmoversTX, we will connect you with local movers who can service your transfer. These office relocation specialists will usually send a moving coordinator to address the requirements and provide a quote for services.
  • Walkthrough: After the initial phone call or email exchange, the moving planner will contact your point of contact to arrange for a walkthrough. During this walkthrough, the planner visually inspects all locations with the manager from your office. The planner takes note of any unusual problems that might occur during the relocation and ensures that everyone is aware of any special requirements. For example, the coordinator would jot down information about freight elevator availability and use limitations, the desired floor plan, and the moving timeline. You will work together to ensure that the arrangements are ironed out to help minimize the inconvenience to your daily operations.
  • Packing: Staff or movers disassemble and load up workstations and supplies. Employees will start to pack these a day or two before the shift, and the crate is then transferred to the assigned desk at the new office by the moving company. The movers will start preparing and packing all furniture, desks, and other office equipment on the day of the move. Some office movers texas also have a team dedicated to loading the electronics, computers, and information technology systems.
  • Labeling: Movers tag the boxes and furniture with labels that refer to places on the new office floor plan. This method allows for organizing and quick sorting and set-up at the destination.
  • Moving: Using cutting-edge moving devices, the movers physically transport your boxes, furniture, and equipment to your new office. To minimize delays, most office movers texas may arrange to transfer items after business hours – either overnight or on the weekend.
  • Packing: Movers manage the setup, from rebuilding cubicles to placing boxes at each employee’s desk, to get your workers back to work as quickly as possible. Specialized moving crews may even assist in restoring phone lines and IT infrastructure.

To minimize the disruption to your company, timing is crucial. Ideally, you can begin working with a moving company at least six months in advance. In most cases, its important to move high priority divisions first. Your IT department and manager’s office should arrive before the rest of your team.

Moving Services for Your Company

The level of office moving services you may need is determined by the size of your company and the type of business.

Local Transfers

If you are relocating to a better or more affordable workplace, movers could complete a simple job in as little as a day depending on your situation.

Relocating Over Long Distances

Are you relocating your corporate headquarters to a different state? A long-distance transfer necessitates more time and coordination among your company’s departments. It is frequently important to divide a project into smaller phases.

Furniture and Equipment

Movers have the resources and expertise necessary to disassemble your office furniture, partitions, and file storage systems. It is better to move these things in parts and then reassemble them in the new place.

The Process of Packing and Unpacking

Employees can be required to pack their workspaces in given boxes, depending on the level of service you choose. With a full-service moving contract, the movers will pack work areas, and the employees will not be required to commit company time to the relocation.

Electronics and computer hardware

Your information technology and computer systems are advanced and critical to your business’s operations. Movers collaborate with your IT team to plan and mount your new equipment.

Recycling and Data Destruction

An office transfer causes waste, and moving excess files costs money. Many businesses use this opportunity to get rid of old papers. Data destruction systems ensure that the personal information does not fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Storage for a Limited Time

If you’re moving to a office which is smaller, you might need temporary storage while sorting out your business. Make sure the storage is safe, and your equipment, inventory, and files remain available.