National Movers Texas

Your upcoming cross-country move might, at the same time, excite and distress you. Whether you are moving an office, your family, or just yourself, the labor of a national movement is intensive. From long hours packing to lifting dressers up and down flights of stairs, you could be left exhausted at the end of the relocation process. You need reliable and professional national movers texas that can reduce your stress and smooth out your whole move. GetmoversTX helps you identify a nationwide moving company with ample experience and a passion for making moving easy. Whether you are looking into a residential or an office move, make sure the movers you choose are licensed and insured.

Your nation mover texas should have your best interests at heart. They should be able to personalize your move to your wishes. With our partners, you can choose from a wide variety of national moving services, like packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly, and transportation of various items. Select a professional mover who has proven itself in providing excellent cross-country moving services. Your national relocation specialists should be able to handle moves of every scope and size. No matter where you are planning to settle down, your professional movers will work hard for you until you are settled and comfortable in your new home. Find out how much your move will cost with a free quote now!

How To Plan A Nationwide Move – The Best And Cheapest Ways

Your nationwide move entails significant prep and planning. You might feel a little overwhelmed when you consider the costs and labor that come with a national relocation. Below we explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular ways to navigate a move across the country. Hopefully, using some of these strategies will save you time and money on your relocation!

Selling Most Of Your Possessions

Taking a minimalist approach will make the whole move easier and can even put cashback in your pocket. If selling almost everything you own makes financial sense for you, there are some significant advantages.


  • You can make money: Do the math based on what you really need in your new home and what you could sell for some extra cash right now. In some cases, you could make money from selling all your belongings before moving. It all depends on what you use and what you will need in the new residence.
  • It makes moving cheaper: Don’t forget, the less your moving company must transport, the cheaper its services will be! You may be able to skip movers altogether, just loading up the essential boxes in your vehicle and driving them cross-country.
  • Less labor involved: And of course, if you are making a DIY move, the process will be physically much easier, from packing to unloading.


  • Buying new furniture: If you get rid of almost everything before moving, it may be expensive to furnish your new place. Make sure to look at your new floorplan and think through what you’ll need to fill the space.
  • Takes time: While you won’t be spending hours packing up your stuff, you will have to spend time negotiating sales on Craigslist or making runs to your local thrift store to drop off donations. If you’re moving on short notice, this may not be the ideal moving method for you.
  • Sentimental items: If you plan to drive just a single car across the country, you may not have room to bring all your most cherished items with you. Weigh the emotional cost of having to part with some of your favorite things.

So, if you want to avoid expensive professional moving fees or enjoy a more straightforward DIY move, think about selling most of your stuff. Naturally, this isn’t the right approach for everyone. Price out your old belongings, look at your new floorplan, and be realistic about what you need. Don’t forget to take measurements before you move! This planning will help you decide what to keep and what to sell. It is optimal to make plans for the aesthetic and function of each new room while you think about what you’ll bring along. Finally, consider national moving costs, especially for specialty items like moving artwork or instruments.

Renting A Moving Truck

If you’re not ready to part with almost everything you own, but don’t want to pay the price for professional movers, renting a moving truck might be the perfect middle-ground. Here are some things to keep in mind with using this moving method.


  • Flexibility: Renting a moving truck doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. You might drive the truck yourself and have a family member drive your other vehicle(s) to your new state, or you might hire a professional to transport all your belongings so that you can drive your car or fly. You can hire professionals to load and unload your things but then drive the truck yourself, or you can do it all solo. Renting a moving truck means you have lots of options for your move.
  • Control: Some people prefer transporting their valuables themselves. Renting a moving truck instead of hiring professional movers means your items stay in your control and sight the whole time.
  • Affordability: Many people choose to rent a moving truck versus hiring a professional moving service because they can save money. Look into the costs and associated benefits with professional movers versus a truck rental.


  • Extra Work: Of course, renting a truck and going it alone means a lot more work. Renting the truck, packing and loading it, and driving an unfamiliar vehicle adds loads of complexity to your move. Moving is already hard work, so you might want to leave the transport to someone else.
  • Additional Fees: Even if you think you know the cost of moving truck rental, you may not be considering all the fees, including fuel and insurance. Be sure you understand costs entirely when figuring out your budget and making your final decision.
  • Liability: When you hire movers, they assume responsibility if things get damaged or broken. When you move things on your own, you are responsible for making sure items make the trip in one piece. Additionally, you assume liability for the moving truck, which for some people, is a terrifying proposition.
  • Security: While you may feel like you have more control of your things with a DIY move, remember that moving trucks are prime targets for theft. You’ll need to think through the logistics of keeping the truck safe in hotel parking lots and rest stops along the way.

Renting A Towable Cargo Trailer

Instead of renting a moving truck, you might choose to rent a trailer and tow it behind your vehicle. Trailers come in all shapes and sizes but are almost always more affordable than a truck. Consider how many belongings you have and if cargo trailers could be the best way to move them.


  • Loading Perks: It may be easier to load items on and off a trailer, since it is closer to the ground, and you won’t need a ramp or extra tools for loading.
  • Ideal for Small Moves: Cargo trailers are perfect if you don’t have a lot to move. For small loads, like the contents of a studio apartment or a dorm room, a trailer likely can haul everything.
  • Cheap: Trailers cost less to rent than moving trucks and are certainly more affordable than hiring movers!


  • Weather: What kind of weather will you be venturing through during the move? If you plan to rent an open trailer, you may want to bring a tarp and some ties in case of rain. To be even safer, rent an enclosed trailer.
  • Doesn’t Fit Much: While an excellent option for those who travel light, a trailer just won’t cut it for those moving a large amount of stuff. If you’re moving out of a 2-bedroom or larger home, you probably need to stick with hiring movers or renting a full-size truck.