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GetmoversTx will help you find an apartment moving service and affordable apartment movers texas without breaking your bank (or your back!). Shifting places has always been difficult, but it’s much more tedious when relocating apartments. There are so many things you will have to worry about, from how to haul that big wardrobe down your narrow stairway while also taking care not to disturb your neighbors during the move.


Not to mention, renting a truck to carry your furniture, buying all the necessary packaging items, and finding people to help you carry that big fridge down will strain both your wallet and your friendships.

The professional Texas-based apartment moving companies within our network will help you move by providing skilled labor, necessary equipment, and the expertise required to make sure everything goes down smoothly. Assisting people to move is what they specialize and take pride in.

Apartment Moving Services Available

Be it a local short distance move or a long-distance to anywhere within the state of Texas and beyond – GetmoversTx has got you covered! We will connect you to the best apartment moving company near you to carry couches, beds, workstations, or even a grand piano out of your old apartment to the back of the moving truck.

So do not worry about breaking your back trying to move these massive objects all by yourself. Hand it over to the professional apartment movers in texas who have the training and equipment to handle these sorts of situations. Given below are some of the services provided by the apartment moving companies in our network:

Providing storage facilities

Moving to a smaller household and don’t have enough space to store all of your possessions? We have all the best deals on storage places to ensure you an offer that best suits your needs. If you are still confused if all of your items would fit in or not, do not worry. We can connect you to the professional apartment movers texas and storage people so that they will come and measure the appropriate space required for your belongings.

Packaging service

When it comes to fragile property, such as things made of glass or antique objects, one has to be extra careful. One minor slip-up or a single moment of carelessness, and you will have to watch your favorite vase shatter into pieces. Furthermore, special or unique household items such as expensive oil paintings, antiques, or family heirlooms might require custom packaging.

Thus, apartment moving companies offer professional packaging services. A team of seasoned movers will securely package these items into a state that’s primed for moving. The movers will then maneuver your cherished valuables around the house and into their truck with skill and vigilance.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

If you have any massive or complex furniture in your apartment, it can be a nightmare to take them apart and pack the bits without mistake. But do not be worried; GetmoversTx is here to help.

Our network’s movers are highly reliable specialists who have the proper training to take apart any furnishing you might have in the apartment. Furthermore, they make to wrap all of the disassembled furniture parts and ensure sufficient padding before moving them around the apartment or down the stairs.

Professional apartment movers have to deal with moving giant pianos to large wardrobes on a day-to-day basis, so they have a lot of experience with things that have to be dismantled and re-made. They can reassemble the furniture right after you move into your new place.

Loading and Unloading

Packing a truck efficiently is a work of art, and the apartment movers are the perfect artists! They can fit anything properly into the back of the truck, just like playing a giant real-life Tetris.

If you don’t feel like taking the whole service, you can always find apartment movers who can come to use only in this process.

When the moving truck arrives at your location, the apartment movers will get to unloading the truck immediately. This service is very beneficial if you want all your goods unloaded with speed and efficiency, without damaging anything in the entire moving process.

Moving Apartments Locally

If you are moving apartments only a couple of blocks across the town instead of another state outside of Texas, it is considered a “local move.”

We can help connect you with nearby apartment moving companies in Texas that offer local moving services and have professionally trained and equipped staff to make the relocation go smoothly.

Moving Apartments Long-Distance

If you are planning to relocate to a new apartment on the other side of Texas or even cross-country, it is possible under the long-distance moving service. Although the moving company needs more time and effort to complete the job, the professional apartment movers texas within the GetmoversTx moving network have perfected the art of moving apartments all over the state of Texas and beyond.

So, get a quote from us today to find the best long-distance apartment moving company located in Texas. Let them handle the relocation while you can focus on finding a lovely new home!

Why hire professional apartment movers?

When moving apartments, it is indeed the smart move to hire professional help. Not only does it save you a lot of time and hassle, but it is also more financially efficient to have licensed and insured movers take care of hauling your stuff to your destination rather than risk damage to your possessions.

GetmoversTx can help you locate cheaper and more reliable moving services located inside the state of Texas to make your apartment moving process a walk in the park. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring professionals instead of trying to do everything by yourself:

  • No strained backs or broken objects:

Lifting a heavy object might strain your back and leave you with a backache for weeks. Hiring an apartment mover would save you that trouble and also minimize the risk of breaking expensive objects in your house.

  • Save money and time:

Get a mover that fits your budget and get the job done without spending a fortune on hiring people, equipment, and trucks yourself. Hiring a professional apartment moving company leaves you free to deal with other vital matters that require your attention and input.

  • Storage:

Hiring a moving company would give you both the assistance you need to move and the storage facilities. They have safe storage units where your goods will be kept till you settle down in your new home, or they can provide you with space where you can store your goods and check on them anytime you want.

  • Vastly more experienced:

Aiding people to move apartments all over Texas is what they have been doing for a long time as their living. The employees have adequate training and equipment to handle all kinds of moves and have the experience to deal with any irregularities.

Benefits of getting an apartment moving quote from GetmoversTx

GetmoversTx is an all-in-one destination to fulfill all your apartment moving needs. Even if you’re moving locally, long-distance, inside Texas, or anywhere within the United States – we have a moving company that will fit your requirements perfectly. GetmoversTx offers you –

  • A Free and Simple Quote: The whole quote process is very straightforward for our clients. Just fill out our form with your information, and we will have the best professional moving companies get in contact with you. No obligations. No commitments.
  • Compare rates between different companies: Not only will we make sure that the movers that contact you specialize in apartment moving, but you will also be able to compare the rates between different Texas-based companies to pick out the one that suits your needs.