Furniture Movers Texas

When dealing with furniture, whether it’s a house full of furnishings or just a single grand piano – it’s always better to have some capable and professionally trained hands take care of things. Don’t worry GetmoversTX is here to help you find the professional furniture movers texas best suited to your needs. No need to be worried about straining your back as you try to wrangle that sofa down the stairs or trying to lift that bed frame all on your own.


At GetmoversTX, we have access to a network of highly experienced and professional movers, all over the state of Texas, that specialize in moving all types of furniture. Whether you’re relocating a single piece of furniture from one floor to another or moving a house full of furniture all the way across Texas, all you have to do is fill out our form and get your free quote. After that, you can stand back, relax, and let the professional furniture movers texas take care of all the hassle for you.

The professional furniture moving companies within our network employ only highly trained and licensed staff equipped with all the tools necessary to get the job done. These expert furniture movers are adept at handling every part of the moving process. Not only will they take care of all kinds of disassembly of bulky household furniture, but they will also make sure to secure them in the proper safety padding and transport them to your new location safe and sound.

No matter which part of Texas you live in, you can fill out the form to get started with your free quote and compare deals near you to find the best moving company for the job.

Services offered by professional furniture movers texas

Are you are looking for swift and reliable assistance in moving your furniture? Are you moving to or from Texas? Let GetmoversTX help you find the best furniture movers in the state of Texas through our network of experienced and reliable moving companies.

Our network’s professional furniture movers texas have the experience and the tools to properly plan and execute your move while reducing any risk of damage to your furniture. Below are some of the services that furniture moving companies provide:

In-House Furniture Rearrangement

Are you feeling an impulse to reposition the furniture in your house all of a sudden? Moving a king-size bed up the stairs or even the dining table to the other side of the house can be a daunting task if you try to do it all on your own.

So why not make things less difficult for yourself and hire the professional furniture moving team you need and deserve. Upon hiring in-house furniture movers, the company will send a team of trained and experienced movers equipped to safely and efficiently handle all your home re-arrangement needs.

Short Distance Move

If you are searching for a way to relocate your furniture within the same neighborhood or within the city, the most cost-effective and straightforward solution is a short-distance move. You can hire the furniture moving company of your choice and opt for the short distance move service. This saves you from the headache of hiring trucks, buying packaging, and bothering your family and friends to help move your stuff.

Local furniture movers in Texas typically charge an hourly rate and can help you both move your entire house full of furniture to a new location or just deliver that double bed you found on eBay right to your doorstep.

Moving State-to-State

If your moving plans involve going from one state to the other, you can safely abandon any plans of renting your own moving truck and just winging it. GetmoversTX can help you find professional over-state furniture movers all over the state of Texas that are affordable enough for you not to have to resort to such drastic measures.

Professional furniture moving companies that offer long-distance moving services have employees that are specialized for the job. Whether you want to relocate all of the furniture in your possession or only want to have a single sofa-bed transported across the state, these professional movers are experts at hauling furniture.

Cross-country Furniture Shipping

Unless you want to see yourself spend the entirety of a cross-country trip around the USA, sitting on the back of the moving truck, you may want to look into across-the-country furniture shipping services. GetmoversTX works with a professional furniture moving companies that specialize in cross-country shipping and logistics.

They have a variety of innovative ways to get your sofa, chair, bed, or any other furniture shipped from one part of the United States to another without you having to lift a finger. So just skip the part where you spend days on the road, rattling along the highways, and just have professional furniture movers texas get your furniture delivered safely and efficiently right to your destination.

Gun Safe Relocation

Any responsible person who owns firearms, especially here in Texas, is very likely to have a safe strictly for storing and securing guns. Revolvers, shotguns, or even rifles – no matter what kind of gun you have, the massive weight and size of a solid steel gun-safe greatly discourages any form of theft or violation of your firearms.

Though the very attributes that make gun-safes such a secure place to keep your valuable guns also make them a nightmare to move. It is almost physically impossible to move a huge metal box weighing at least two to three hundred pounds by yourself or with friends without having the proper training and equipment.

But do not worry, furniture moving companies have professional movers in place to complete this task without a hitch. Although if your safe is below 200 pounds, most moving companies will treat it as an ordinary piece of furniture. But if your safe is more extensive, a moving plan tailored to your needs (i.e., more men, more equipment, bigger truck) might be required to ensure safe and swift relocation of your safe.
Please fill out our form right now to get a quote for moving your gun strongbox!

Transporting a Single Piece of Furniture

Were you looking for a way to ship a singular piece of furniture across Texas state or even the country? It might be a precious antique heirloom from your grandma across the city or just a great deal you found on eBay or Craigslist on the other side of the country.

No matter the item or the distance, GetmoversTX can help you find professional furniture moving companies that do “piggybacking” services, all across the state of Texas and beyond, to make sure your item is transported safely and efficiently at an affordable price!

Couch And Sofa Movers

The average Texas living room would feel empty without the couch at the center. It’s where the family gets together after a hectic day to bond over some prime-time television and food. No home in the entire state of Texas is complete without a comfy sofa in the middle of their living rooms.

We would advise against hitting up a friend to help lift and move your couch out of your home into a truck or anything of that sort unless you want to risk straining both your back and your relationships. GetmoversTX can put you in touch with couch movers trained and equipped to deal with various types of couches and relocate them to your destination without hassle. Get a quote from us today to compare and find the best deal for you!

Unique or Bulky Furniture

GetmoversTX can help you find the best movers to help you move any uncommon, cumbersome, or items that require special attention. Please fill out our form to get help moving pool tables, precious paintings, antique china, and other small or one-item moving loads.

Storage Facilities for Furniture

The furniture movers texas in our network also offers storage facility services if needed. You do not have to hire separate storage for your furniture. Most professional furniture moving companies offer secure, temperature-controlled storage for your possessions. They can store from a couple of extra items to every piece of furniture in your house in a secure warehouse or into self-storage. Be sure to inquire about pickup and drop-off services from the company to make your move more convenient.

Commercial or Office Furniture

When dealing with offices and other commercial areas of work, we should recommend looking into professional office movers within the GetmoversTX moving network. Regardless, there are also furniture moving companies that will deal with office furniture.

So instead of making the interns overwork to dismantle, package and organize your workstations (or try to lift the office conference table onto a truck), hire professional help to ensure a hassle-free and seamless transfer of your valuables.

Antiques and Valuables

Antiques are considered extremely valuable, both in terms of price and also emotional value. An old pocket-watch from your great grandfather might not be special to an onlooker, but we definitely understand its value to you. This is why GetmoversTX ensures professionals who know how to handle such antique and vintage possessions when trying to relocate them.

A professional antique moving company has workers who have the necessary training and tools to perform any tedious disassembly, packaging, and boxing of your valuables. We guarantee that our professional antique relocation services will ensure that your precious heirlooms look as good as they did prior to the shipping and will continue to look great for the far future.

What benefits do you get from hiring a professional furniture moving company from us?

Whether you’re moving furniture locally, long-distance, state to state, or even nationwide – we have a professional moving company that will suit your needs perfectly. Here are some of the advantages to getting a quote from us:

All the necessary furniture moving equipment:

These movers have special equipment necessary for lifting, moving, packaging, and transporting any and all kinds of furniture. This ensures a smooth and seamless transition of all your belongings from your pickup place to your final destination without causing any sort of damage.

Movers are professionally trained and have years of experience:

The GetmoversTX Moving network consists of moving companies that are both professional and licensed. The employees have the necessary training and equipment to handle all kinds of furniture and have the experience to deal with any irregularities.

Up to date licensing and insurance:

All of the companies that are within our network have been screened by us to present you with a curated experience when comparing deals. GetmoversTX takes the utmost precaution to make sure that they are legitimate businesses and thus have all the proper licenses and insurance required to move furniture professionally all across the state of Texas, among other US states.

Compare rates between different companies:

Not only will we ensure that the moving companies that contact you specialize in moving furniture, but you can also compare the rates between different companies to pick out the one that suits your needs.

Please start filling up the form on to find a reliable and professional furniture moving company. We will connect you with Texas-based moving companies located near you that are experts at relocating furniture. By getting a moving quote from us, you will also be able to compare various companies’ prices to get the very best deal for you.